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Reclaim sales that you've been missing.

No Upfront Cost · No Active Management · Cancel Anytime

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Restaurant Owner

Turn Your Restaurant into More Than A Restaurant

DïNG Store is a unique, easy-to-use wholesale platform designed for restaurant owners or managers. 

Built by restaurant owners for restaurant owners. With no upfront cost and active management. DïNG Store helps your restaurants earn passive income just by opening doors.

Revenue On the Side

Easily and quickly start selling products curated for restaurants.

Make money on the side simply by opening your restaurant door.

Boost Customer Engagement

Delight your customers even more with meticulously curated products they already like and purchase.  

Free Credits and Expert Support

Start earning for your restaurant in no time with simple selections, free merchandising and architectural expert and opening credits. 

Trusted by Restaurants and Brands

Benefit from a growing community of independent restaurant brands, etc. Get personalized help, source inspirations and cross promotions.

We know running a restaurant can be challenging. We live it daily because we are restaurant owners ourself - and we want to see your restaurant flourish.

Built By Restaurant Owners · For Restaurant Operators

Tiantian Q. and Kai L.
Hip Hot | Monterey Park, CA

Shuhuai H.
Old Friends Eatery | Rosemead, CA

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See how DïNG Store works for your restaurant and reclaim those missed sales.

Thanks, we'll keep you updated!

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